We are a collection of artists, healers, and activists dedicated to healing black and brown communities through multidimensional storytelling. We aim to #DisruptHopelessness.



BE-IMAGINATIVE is a collection of exceptional artists, therapists, healers, activists and key stakeholders who are dedicated to healing our black and brown communities through artistic expression, development and multi-dimensional storytelling.

#DISRUPTHOPELESSNESS is a multidimensional storytelling project that focuses on the creation, presentation and preservation of the sacred stories of our people, the stories that emerge from the deepest parts of our souls, the stories that are rooted in sublime truth with a focus on the counternarratives. We bring together community members and help provide them with the guidance and tools they need to their their stories. The aim is to do this through hosting healing circles, healing based events alongside licensed therapists, healers and professional artists. Each of these events will be incorporated into a social justice based curriculum. We host events that put people in direct contact with people who work on the ground on these issues, giving folks a platform to work on.


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